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Prepare a Skin Care Routine for the Winter to keep your Skin Moisturized and Healthy

Winter brings a lot of fun activities (cocoa by the fire, snowman buildings, ice skating in the park), but it’s also not a skin-friendly season. We regularly tie up to keep our bodies warm in cold weather, but our faces are often exposed to the harsh elements of the outside. The combination of icy air and strong winds can make our skin dry and dull at the expense of it. Indoor heaters are also not in our favor and exacerbate the lack of humidity. If the skin is very dry, it becomes brittle and prone to redness, itching and peeling. It is important to provide extra nutrition to the skin during the winter to maintain hydration and elasticity. But it’s not as easy as adding a single face cream to your routine to finish it. From milky cleansers to soothing serums, many skin care products can combat dry skin and, when combined with face creams, can work together to increase and include hydration. It’s just as important to change your skin care routine as you change your wardrobe for the colder months. There are certain products that can make a big difference in moisturizing the skin during the winter. Here are some items that can be exchanged for current items or added to existing routines to help prevent winter skin problems.

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Prepare a Skin Care Routine for the Winter to keep your Skin Moisturized and Healthy 5

Replace the foamy cleanser with a cream-based one. Foam cleansers are ideal for removing makeup and impurities, but they can also remove oil from the skin. Milk or cream cleansers are a great way to increase hydration, as they increase the amount of water when you wash your face. Switch from oil-reducing astringents to moisturizing toners. Astringents are effective in combating oily skin in the summer, but they are too dry in the winter. To switch to moisturizing toner, balance your skin without drying it. Add facial serum to your routine. Essences are less consistent than moisturizers, so your skin actually absorbs them. This is the first step in your routine and is a powerful ingredient that can penetrate deep into the surface of the skin. By applying a moisturizing ingredient such as hyaluronic acid, more moisture is added to the skin before the moisturizing ingredient seals the skin. Replace the light moisturizer with a thicker face cream. By switching from a light moisturizer to a thicker cream, it protects the skin from elements and dry indoor air and keeps it elastic. For those with oily skin who are worried that heavy cream may be too sticky, we are looking at products designed for specific skin types. It’s true that there are five basic skin types (normal, dry, oily, combination, sensitive), each requiring a different product to address different concerns, but all skin types during the winter There is one important product you need: a moisturizer. The ideal product contains an emollient that strengthens the skin’s barrier and a moisturizer that attracts and seals moisture. Of course, not all moisturizers are made the same, so choosing the right moisturizer depends on your particular skin type.

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Sensitive skin: Look for moisturizers that do not contain fragrances or dyes as they can irritate the skin. A simple formulation with soothing ingredients like colloidal oatmeal (against active ingredients like vitamin C) is the best option. Choose one that contains SPF for additional sunscreen. Dry Skin-An ultra-rich formula containing moisturizing ingredients such as niacinamide and hyaluronic acid helps to combat strongly dehydrated skin. You can also look for creams that contain closures that form a protective layer on the skin to retain moisture, such as glycerin and shea butter.

Oily skin: Oil-free or gel creams containing hyaluronic acid are excellent choices. It is lighter than heavy cream, but moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores. Avoid products that make your skin feel oily, and choose products that are light and absorb quickly. Normal / Combined Skin-A moisturizer that moisturizes dry areas but does not add oil to stains or oily stains sounds like a job, but there is an all-in-one formula. I would like to find an oil-free, non-comedogenic substance. Otherwise, it will not clog the pores and provide moisture without deteriorating the oily areas. If you’re in love with a “skincare rookie” rather than a spectrum “skincare addict”, choosing the product that best suits your winter routine can be a bit overwhelming. OLAY has developed a handy online tool called Skin Advisor. It analyzes your skin and recommends a personalized regimen based on your results. In essence, it dramatically reduces guesswork when you start. First, start uploading your selfie photo. This tool analyzes the five aging zones of the facial skin (forehead, eye area, under the eyes, cheeks, mouth) and asks questions about specific skin care concerns and product types. I am currently using it. He then analyzes your skin and recommends personalized skin care routines based on your “skin age”. And skin care preferences After uploading a photo and completing a review, how accurate it is to address problem areas (looking at you, swelling of the eyes, bears) and recommend products that specifically target it. I was impressed with the crab. Some of the items I have proposed, such as Illumination Eye Cream, are of concern throughout the year, but here are some that I find particularly useful for winter routines: Regenerist Collagen Peptide 24 Cream Cleanser: I mainly have oily skin, so the tool recommended this cleanser as it gently exfoliates and is light. Also, because it is a cream-based product, it does not dry too much even in winter. Bonus: Contains no fragrances, parabens, phthalates or synthetic dyes. He said he likes products that have a “light feel” on the skin, so I recommended the deep-hydrated vitamin B3 hyaluronic acid serum. The OLAY motto of this product is “Soak and Quench”, which is said to be like “drinking cold water on the skin”. Contains hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing magnet that moisturizes the skin in the cold season. Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Moisturizer: The tool recommended this product after clearly stating that it was looking for a moisturizer with anti-aging properties. According to OLAY, more than 3 million bottles are sold each year, so you need to do something right! A cream-based formula designed to “deliver 10 layers of moisture to the surface of the skin,” making it an excellent winter care option. We recommend that you try the Skin Advisor tool yourself to see which products are right for your skin. Whatever the outcome, the most important thing is that you can easily change or add to your product your skin care to increase your skin’s hydration levels in the colder months.

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Moisturizers are required for all skin types. To combat dry skin in winter, it is important to choose one designed for your particular type. This is clear skin that has been moisturized throughout the winter!

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